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Sanjiv is Helsinki, Finland based Web Developer. He is currently focusing on Javascript (ECMA), React, NodeJS and Mongoose + MongoDB. He has past experiences with programming languages such as PHP, MySQL/ MariaDB, and others.

He has since young age hosted Linux servers from different locations and server machine halls. He’s experience is based more on work and hobby than school. Sanjiv did graduate in year of 2013 as ICT technician but have had programming as hobby since he was 12 years old. Sanjiv have hosted blogs where he have written different kind of tutorials related to tech or life, and other random stuff.

About his personality shortly he is always cheerful, emphatic and can understand whole-entities. Loves to be in help, and has learned that when helping others it helps him.

making difference

Empathy, visualization, anticipation of behavior and communication are Sanjiv's underlying strengths.


List of some projects I am working on!

  • SuperBro (this website was made with it)
  • Newco helsinki
  • Kallion Pesula
  • Fysio Clinic
  • Make Style
  • Brio Team
  • Profound Velocity
  • SupermanCTF
  • Lunaservers
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I love to speak about projects, opportunities and to help people to learn programming!

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